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Special TET CD sale / TET on Facebook

1) Summer is gone, perfect time to grab some forceful music to keep the power up! Remaining copies of TET CDs and bundle packs have been reduced in price at manoeuvre records online shop! If you don't own "Ultima Ratio Intervention" and "Cobra Coded Escalation" yet, now it's your chance - while supplies last! There will be no repressings of the original CDs!

2) If you like you can now also connect to TET on Facebook here! We still think MySpace is better suited for presenting music, so you'll probably always find more some info on MySpace and here on the TET website.



Exclusive TET tracks on new CD and DL compilations [updated infos]

TET are taking part in the very body-oriented CD compilation "Hymns of Sex" (MOJ002 / Cop Int.) with the exclusive "Damn Body Deception (Cyber-Uplink-Mix)", another complete rework from their debut album "Ultima Ratio Intervention".

Among other artists on this album you'll find Armageddon Dildos (no surprise here), LeatherStrip, PNE (always on the same samplers...) and The Horrorist! Release is due on May 27th, 2010!



TET on 2CD sampler with Die Krupps, LeatherStrip, PNE and more

TET take part in "Help Can't Wait", a double CD sampler to be released in October, with "Blood Of The Martyrs (Life-Support-Mix)". This is an exclusive new version of the classic hit from TET's 2005 debut albums "Ultima Ratio Intervention" (CD) and "Ultima Ratio Interception" (digital release).

This charity compilation also features Die Krupps, LeatherStrip and PNE - Plastic Noise Experience and is released by "Black Rain". For more info, go to the order page HERE or the MySpace page HERE.

And by the way, this is also TET's first sampler appearance since they took part in tape compilations in the last century. ;-)



A night with TET and Patrick Codenys (Front 242)

TET will finally be playing live again on Oct 31 2009 at the "Vier Linden" in Hildesheim (near Hannover/Germany), accompaning Patrick Codenys' first solo DJ performance. The Front 242 stage commander comes with two laptops and a totally new concept he is currently busy preparing. TET will join in innovation and present re-recorded versions of tracks from their debut album "Ultima Ratio Intervention" for the first time, along with the best from "Cobra Coded Escalation", of course - and maybe even some new stuff...




"Synchronized!" video clip released along with free audio download bundle!

A new version of TET’s smash hit “Synchronized!” is released alongside with the incredible video clip. Available for free in both lossless FLAC and hi-resolution MP3 formats, this is a must download! With a re-edited and improved sound, this track is now more devastating than ever before… Watch and hear CS/TET and special guest CK/PNE in a classic excursion into pure digital, raw, but edgy action-pop EBM! Like “Cobra Coded Escalation” – the album it is taken from – audio was mastered by no-one else but Daniel B. of Front 242.

Quite a gathering: TET, PNE, 242, all synchronized! But not the same, argh!

Watch the video clip here:


High quality (with download option!):


Bad quality:



Download the free high-resolution audio bundle (FLAC/MP3) here!




older news:


Uncut Sonic Seducer interview on MySpace (in German)

German printed magazine "Sonic Seducer" published a rather enthusiastic review of "COBRA CODED ESCALATION" as well as a short report/interview on/with TET - Travailleur En Trance in 2008.

Layout space was a little short, since it was done near deadline, so not every statement by CS/TET could be used. Here's the complete and uncut version!


Red Spot video clip on DVD

Most of you already know this official video clip for "Red Spot", one of the most successful tracks on the dancefloor from the first album by "TET - Travailleur En Trance"...

...since this brutal collage of footage from TET's mercenary missions in various countries and live shots from shows in Belgium and Germany has been gathering viewers at YouTube for some time now.

Perhaps you've been longing to see this clip in full DVD quality rather than ultracompressed? Now there is a chance, since the clip is featured on the "Cold Hands Seduction (Vol.84)" DVD which comes with the current issue of German magazine "Sonic Seducer" (July/August 08).

The mag also features a report/interview on TET - and a rather enthusiastic review of their brandnew album "Cobra Coded Escalation".

Note that two different remixes of "Red Spot" by Daniel B. (Front 242) are included "Ultima Ratio Intervention" (man-cd01) and "Cobra Coded Escalation" (man-cd02) by TET - Travailleur En Trance, both available from manoeuvre records.

Digital Cobra unleashed

"Cobra Coded Execution", the digital version of "Cobra Coded Escalation" is now available through all major download portals on rotodrôme recordings. While the CD album (pictured above) already holds 25 tracks, the digital version comes with 27 (!), and yet still for the price of a single album.

About the bonus tracks: "Gegen An! (Arbeiter 2)" was transformed by perhaps-Japanese artist "Hofuku Sochi" (the name means "massive retaliation" which quickly explains their link to TET) into an outstanding piece of subversive Electronica, while duet collaborator Claus Kruse (PNE - Plastic Noise Experience) delivers his very own version of "Synchronized!"





TET - Travailleur En Trance - The fast-moving projectile led by John-Peel-approved musician CS/TET ("rotorik"), that appeared virtually out of nowhere in 2005 - and yet very soon found themselves supporting the real Front 242 on their anniversary shows with an audience of 2000 in Brussels. - The band that got not only excellent press reviews with their debut album, but also support from authentic legends for taking underground dance music to the next stage by inventing "Neo-EBM", a daring mixture of unmistakable constants of Electronic Body Music with modern sounds and shuffling grooves. - The only squad that ever managed to vaporise the walls between "scenes" by seamlessly switching between "oldschool EBM" and "club Electronica" venues when playing live.

Their new CD album "COBRA CODED ESCALATION" includes a total of 80 mins / 25 tracks in which TET describe their various mercenary missions in Southeast Asia - they insist it's "not just movie samples, we have actually been there!" Anyway, TET take their style one step further by creating an unbearable inferno of danceable digital synthesizer assaults, agitating combat samples, and damn cool lyrics often reminding you of B-movie one-liners you haven't heard since '87. While the action is hot, the sound is mostly cold as ice - cold as the blood running through a merc's veins, and even colder than the Cold War. Deceptive melodies are cutting like lasers through the smoke of explosions. There may be some tracks this time that seem 'calmer' at first glance. But of this is of course nothing but the preparation of  another vile ambush. Aggressive irony is TET's trademark, and it doesn't matter why they do it. They do it because they can.

Talking about reinforcements: A certain Daniel B. joined TET near Mekong Delta and contributed the threatening "Annihilated Khmer Rouge Mix" of "Red Spot", which perfectly captures the atmosphere of tension during the last minutes before jungle combat breaks out. And since Daniel B. and Front 242 didn't exactly release much recently - not even remixes - this is obviously a rare opportunity to hear some new sounds from the Front. Even more exciting for some: On this remix for TET - Travailleur En Trance he partially used the same machines that he used on "Geography", 242's legendary debut album. Imagine the sound. But there's STILL more: The collaboration went even further with the sound wizard Mr. Bressanutti refining the whole sound of the album in his unique manner, by also doing the whole mastering work on "COBRA CODED ESCALATION" !

Among other fighters who also participated in the effort is Claus Kruse, singer & commander of the very alive German EBM legend  "PNE - Plastic Noise Experience", with whom CS/TET performs "Synchronized!", kind of a cruel duet which is really more a duel... 

But instead of just keeping on reading about it, better listen to these high quality album samples (which can also be found on MySpace here)

or watch TET celebrating the power of "COBRA CODED ESCALATION" live at the release show...


If you then feel you're tough enough for this mission, you may request your copy of "COBRA CODED ESCALATION" directly from the label by reporting in to manoeuvre records mailorder! Especially interesting might be "Special Edition", since it also includes your very own unique and numbered TET 'dogtag' on necklace with embossed text: 


"TET TRAVAILLEUR EN TRANCE ELITE SQUAD MEMBER NO. X" - where X is your unique number!

This is definitely genuine US army jungle COBRA combat style, so join the squad - if you think you can pull it off!

Both the Special and the Standard Edition hold 25 tracks / 80 minutes of music delivered in a special case (DVD format - see image) with very special artwork design!

Better take a well-aimed shot at it now!

There is also a special offer available for those who don't own TET's killer debut "ULTIMA RATIO INTERVENTION" yet - experience even more TET missions, grab both albums at once for a special price as "The Ambush Pack"!  The first album not only features yet another remix by Daniel B. 242 but also mixes from German EBM force "PNE - Plastic Noise Experience", Belgian industrialist Eric van Wonterghem ("Sonar"/"Insekt") and two well-known experts in advancing techno, Dave Tarrida (Tresor) and Mark Hawkins (Mosquito)!

"The Ambush Pack"
is only available from manoeuvre records mailorder.


"COBRA CODED ESCALATION" will also shortly be available digitally as "COBRA CODED EXECUTION" from all major portals - this version will hold two bonus remixes in addition to all the 25 tracks from the CD version!

"Gegen An! (Arbeiter 2)" was transformed by perhaps-Japanese artist "Hofuku Sochi" (the name means "massive retaliation" which quickly explains their link to TET) into an outstanding piece of subversive Electronica, while duet partner Claus Kruse (PNE - Plastic Noise Experience) delivers his very own version of "Synchronized!".

Digital release on rotodrôme recordings.




CS from TET - Travailleur En Trance announces final release date of new album

"COBRA CODED ESCALATION" in authentic jungle broadcast!



In this statement, CS confirms the release of the long-awaited follow-up to "ULTIMA RATIO INTERVENTION", called "COBRA CODED ESCALATION" for May 1st, 2008!

He also comments on the mysterious studio flooding last year, and names guest stars that have been participating in the album, namely Daniel B. from Front 242 and Claus Kruse from PNE. After that, excerpts from several tracks from "COBRA CODED ESCALATION" can be heard for the first time!


+++ Transcript of the rogue transmission captured in Laos on February 24th, 2008. +++

+++ The broadcaster is believed to be a certain "CS" from "TET - Travailleur En Trance", an extremely ruthless mercenary squad that was considered to be successfully destroyed in 2007 +++

Dear comrades!

It is a very crucial moment in which I choose to address you. I'm speaking to you from a secret camp in the north...

As you know, several months ago, the mission of "TET - Travailleur En Trance" was compromised by vile sabotage...

Even I myself barely managed to escape from THE SWAMP!

Many might have hope that this... would lead to the surrender of TET, that their most dangerous mission so far, TO CODE COBRA ESCALATION, would finally fail...

Well... they were all wrong!! The work will be completed! We will prevail!

As you know, we did it before...

Almost three years ago, we stroke with TET out of nowhere with "Ultima Ratio Intervention", the first album, which yielded enthusiasm of comrades all over.

Even Front 242, the world's most efficient commando unit in Electronic Music, invited to "TET - Travailleur En Trance" to support them live with their "Neo-EBM", a mercenary mission in the heart of the NATO city of Brussels!

With two additional vinyl pamphlets, "TET" also successfully menaced djs and clubs.

Many then believed the daring and extremely driving mixture of classic Electronic Body Music and certain equally powerful modern electronic styles on the first releases couldn't be surpassed.

And some... were uncertain about that and tried to stop us, just to be sure. Well... They will all be proven wrong!

On May 1st, 2008, with the release of "COBRA CODED ESCALATION", they will face the heat of combat!

Which means those cowards who were literally afraid to put in "Ultima Ratio Intervention" (because of the almost unbearable "nerve-tearing sequences" are bound for another shock...

Let me give you some more hard facts clarifying the scale of this escalation: As on the first album, prominent comrades have joined the effort of "TET - Travailleur En Trance".

Most of all it's the supreme commander of the division 242, General Daniel Bressanutti, who executed an exclusive remix - again - like before on "Ultima Ratio Intervention". But this time he is also taking care of the mastering of the album, in order to help "TET" to blow this whole place to hell.

But there's more: Another veteran joined forces with "TET": Major Claus Kruse from PNE (Plastic Noise Experience) came along for a duet unlike anything ever done in Electronic Body Music. "Synchronized" is the name of the track and it demonstrates both singers competing for the fiercest shout...

In addition to that, you fill find another quite surprising mix on the album which... Excuse me, we have to maintain radio silence again, they're trying to track us!

Dear comrades, with your support, "COBRA CODED ESCALATION"... is about to shake... the world!

Now, live for nothing... or listen to something!

(followed by rhythmic propaganda music)

+++ End of transcript +++ NOTE: Length of the transmission is exactly 7 mins 37 secs +++



TET - Travailleur En Trance : Cobra Coded Escalation
(manoeuvre records man-cd02 / rotodrôme recordings roto-04)



news archive


TET studio "rotodrôme" flooded during recording sessions for new album / TET: "Will not surrender!"

A few days ago, while CS of "TET - Travailleur En Trance" was working on completing "Cobra Coded Escalation" ("CCE" in short), something really bad occured: The studio rooms were flooded, while unexplainably heavy rain was going down outside...

A disaster, you name it! Luckily, as a trained fighter, CS was able to react fast and instinctively: Ignoring all dangers of electric shock in the flooded rooms, he quickly activated a handful of comrades and carried the equipment out of the swamp that used to be a studio only minutes ago...

Probably most important news to the TET fan: All hard disk drives containing files of the upcoming album "CCE" could also be saved - the water came close though, damn close...

Experts arriving later tried to analyze the incident but none of them had seen such a phenomenon before. One theory suggested that "Der Weg zu Dong" ("The path to Dong") - the new track CS was working on when the flooding occured - simulated the extremely humid atmosphere of a South-East Asian jungle in such an authentic way that a monsoon was formed... but this could not be proven scientifically. Another theory involved a pump malfunctioning, possibly sabotaged by neoliberal forces...

Either way, "Cobra Coded Escalation", the new album nearly destroyed by this "Dong incident", will be finished - once the "rotodrôme" has been reinstalled at a new location - CS, shortly after the incident: "We move. It's not safe around here anymore."

So studio sessions are currently suspended, but TET still aim to release "Cobra Coded Escalation" (manoeuvre man-cd02/rotodrôme roto-03) before the end of the year!

To compensate for this rather annoying delay, "TET-ZENTRUM" [] (the real TET website) and TET's MySpace page [] will be updated with new audio previews from "CCE".

Fans might also be interested to hear that, shortly before the Dong incident, shooting of the video clip for "Synchronized!" (from the upcoming album) was completed. Just like the track itself, the video is an example of raw, pure and extremely danceable EBM style showing the two singers Claus Kruse from "PNE - Plastic Noise Experience" and CS from "TET - Travailleur En Trance" as (overre)acting bodies!

Ha! Stay tuned for more stills from this clip! Post production might take a little longer than anticipated though due to abovementioned delays...






TET-studio "rotodrôme" während Aufnahmesessions für neues Album überflutet / TET: "Geben nicht auf!"

Das wäre beinahe schiefgegangen: Vor einigen Tagen kam es während schweren Regens zu einer Überflutung der Studioräume, während CS von "TET - Travailleur En Trance" gerade an der Fertigstellung des neuen Albums "Cobra Coded Escalation" (kurz: "CCE") arbeitete!

Glücklicherweise konnte CS dank seiner Söldnerausbildung das Schlimmste verhindern: Die sehr realistische Möglichkeit eines Stromschlages eiskalt ignorierend, rettete er gemeinsam mit einigen befreundeten Kämpfern einen Großteil der Geräte aus dem Sumpf, der eben noch ein Studio gewesen war.

Darunter erfreulicherweise auch sämtliche Festplatten, die die Daten des fast fertiggestellten neuen Albums enthielten - das Wasser war allerdings verdammt nah und schwappte bereits an der Hardware hoch...

Hinzugezogene Experten konnten sich keinen Reim auf den Vorfall machen. Eine nicht wissenschaftlich bewiesene Theorie: "Der Weg zu Dong" (das Stück, an dem CS zum Zeitpunkt des Vorfalls arbeitete) simulierte die extrem feuchte Athmosphäre eines südostasiatischen Dschungels dermaßen effektiv, dass sich außerhalb ein Monsun bildete. Eine andere, ebenfalls nicht von der Hand zu weisende Theorie sah die Fehlfunktion einer möglichweise von neoliberalen Kräften sabotierten Pumpe ans Anlass an.

Wie auch immer, "Cobra Coded Escalation", das durch diesen "Dong-Zwischenfall" beinahe zerstörte neue Album, wird trotz allem fertiggestellt - sobald das "rotodrôme" an einem neuen Ort installiert wurde. CS dazu, kurz nach dem Zwischenfall: "Wir hauen hier ab. Hier isses nicht mehr sicher."

Die Aufnahmesessions sind also derzeit unterbrochen, nichtsdestotrotz streben TET - Travailleur En Trance weiterhin ein Release von "Cobra Coded Escalation" (manoeuvre man-cd02/rotodrôme roto-03) vor Jahresende an!


Fans könnte außerdem interessieren, dass kurz vor dem Dong-Zwischenfall das Shooting des Clips für "Synchronized!" (einem der zweifellos meistversprechenden Tracks des neuen Albums) fertiggestellt wurde. Wie auch schon der Track an sich, ist das Video geradezu ein Beispiel rohen, puren und extrem tanzbaren EBMs. Claus Kruse von "PNE - Plastic Noise Experience" und CS von "TET - Travailleur En Trance" - die beiden Akteure dieses extremen Duetts - geben mehr als alles, um zu zeigen, was heute möglich ist...

Ha! Mehr Stills aus diesem Clip werden ebenfalls in Kürze auf den erwähnten Webseiten auftauchen. Die Postproduction kann sich jedoch aus oben genannten Gründen noch etwas hinziehen.






Check out the official video clip for "RED SPOT"!

Although busy preparing the new album "Cobra Coded Escalation", TET - Travailleur En Trance managed to create a video clip for one of the most popular tracks from the band's last album, "Ultima Ratio Intervention":  Red Spot!

This raw and powerful piece of work certainly demonstrates very well what makes TET so incredibly tough guys. By combining live footage and highlights from recent fights during their mercenary missions (known from TET live shows), it delivers a superiour experience of outperforming modern EBM energy in both audio and visual!

 By the way: Red Spot is also going to be re-featured on TET's abovementioned new album, remixed by Daniel B. Prothse from Front 242!







Offizieller Videoclip zu "RED SPOT" released!

Obwohl eigentlich ohnehin mit der Produktion des neuen Albums "Cobra Coded Escalation" schwer beschftigt, schafften TET - Travailleur En Trance es frühmorgens zustzlich noch, einen Videoclip zu einem der meistgelobten Tracks des Vorgngeralbums "Ultima Ratio Intervention" zu montieren:  Red Spot!

Wer sich immer schon fragte, wie zur Hölle es TET eigentlich schaffen, so unglaublich harte Kerle zu sein, findet hier wertvolle Hinweise: Die Überlagerung von Liveaufnahmen und Höhepunkten jüngster Söldnermissionen (bekannt von TET's Liveshows) ergibt eine Mischung, bei der man von Anfang an sicher weiß, daß es knallen wird! Das Ergebnis ist ein outperformender Trip in Bild und Ton, der überdeutlich klarmacht, was EBM heutzutage leisten kann!

 Übrigens: Red Spot wird auch auf dem neuen, oben erwähnten TET-Album wieder dabei sein, geremixt von Daniel B. Prothèse von Front 242!



1) Critical updates on TET album release!

"Cobra Coded Escalation", the new album from TET - Travailleur En Trance to be released on manoeuvre records and rotodrôme recordings, was postponed to September 2007! While we are aware this is bad news for many, it was necessary since the ongoing recording sessions proved some new sounds to be so hazardous that deeper research is simply necessary to handle them and finally put it into tracks and album format. As you know, "Cobra Coded Escalation" is about to expand TET's now well-known "Neo-EBM" with a new style they call "Action Pop".

TET also chose to immediately test some new material LIVE TWICE, in order to optimise it for maximum potential! (see below)

So no reason to get the tech blues - also because, as promised before, various collaborators will be unveiled until the album release. And time has now come for another announcement...

One of the most praised tracks the last TET album "Ultima Ratio Intervention" certainly was "RED SPOT", TET's ode to weapon technology with that unbelievable shuffled bassline - you know what we're talking about.

A certain legendary European electronic musician has always been a fan of this track as well. He has remixed the track before for "Ultima Ratio Intervention" in a stunning manner. But since he saw practically unlimited potential in this work, he did it once more for "Cobra Coded Escalation": It's Daniel B. from Front 242!

Always up for innovation and thus taking a new approach this time, Mr. Bressanutti treated "Red Spot" in the manner of his excellent, now revived solo project "Prothèse" (take a look at the cover of Front 242's first records and you'll find him noted as "Daniel B. Prothese") . The result, recorded using radically sweeping ancient Front 242 analogue synths, is a hypnotic and gloomy excursion deep into the structure of the track which will surely please your ears!

>> "Cobra Coded Escalation" (CCE) tracks revealed so far >>

+ "Gegen An! (Arbeiter 2)"
+ "Synchronized" (duet (!) with Claus Kruse from Plastic Noise Experience)
+ "Red Spot" (Prothèse Remix by Daniel B. from Front 242)

Even more hard facts clarifying the scale of the escalation will be revealed soon - still more to come!


2) Two new TET shows announced - new material!

As mentioned above, TET - Travailleur En Trance also arranged two small gigs in Hamburg in April and May - in order to test crowd reaction on new tracks from their upcoming album "Cobra Coded Escalation"! Since the band feels obliged to deliver nothing but the finest quality in sonic aggression, this measure might help them while putting final tweaks on the tracks. TET will be playing vigorous Neo-EBM from URI and CCE, probably even adding some of the tracks with a touch of Action Pop.

The first show is taking place on April 13th at good old MOLOTOW/REEPERBAHN in Hamburg - TET are going to provide their explosive cocktail around midnight if they find their way through the garage. A DJ is also expected...

The second event is completely controlled by TET and manoeuvre records under THUNDERBLAST supervision and features TET live, but also on decks acting as DJs! Exactly: The "Members Of D-Day DJ Squad" is back into action! So expect true Electronic Body Music all night, with additional support from Hamburg's EBM DJ veteran MAJOR RENÉ! Be there: May, 11th at the luxurious ASTRA-STUBE/STERNBRÜCKE in Hamburg! Showtime: 23:00 SHARP!

[rotodrôme recordings]

As you notice, everybody's currently going mad about buying music as digital download. Hype or not - so far it just wasn't possible for the dedicated TET or rotorik freak to purchase more than a handful of tracks digitally.

We're pleased to announce that is about to change fundamentally with the founding of "rotodrôme recordings". As the name suggests, this purely digital label is about to release music recorded in the "rotodrôme" studio in Hamburg (i.e. works of CS - TET and rotorik for now) for world-wide download. This contains re-releases of previous physical releases as well as exlusively digital ones!

Unprotected (DRM free) sources will be available right from the beginning of course, and we suggest using those preferably. We'll keep you posted with links as soon as the first release is up.




1)Kritische Updates bzgl. TET-Albumrelease!

Das neue, auf manoeuvre und rotodrôme erscheinende TET-Travailleur En Trance-Album "Cobra Coded Escalation" wurde auf September 2007 verschoben! Frohlocken werden da nur Büttel des Systems - Fans kerniger Elektronikmusik hingegen zappeln nervös auf Entzug. Diese Maßnahme wurde jedoch nötig, da sich einige neue Sounds während der noch andauernden Aufnahmesessions als dermaßen gefährlich erwiesen, daß erst neue Prozesse erfunden werden mußten, um sie überhaupt soweit beherrschbar zu machen, daß man sie in Tracks einbauen konnte. Wie bereits bekannt ist, wird "Cobra Coded Escalation" TET's mittlerweile bekannten "Neo-EBM" um einen weiteren Stil erweitern, welcher als "ActionPop" bezeichnet wird.

TET entschieden sich außerdem, das neue Material gleich ZWEIMAL innerhalb kürzester Zeit LIVE zu testen, um wirklich alles herauszuholen! (siehe unten)

Also kein Grund, gleich den Techblues zu kriegen - zumal hier und heute ein weiterer der hochkarätigen Gäste auf dem Album enthüllt werden wird...

Einer der meistgelobten Tracks auf dem letzten TET-Album "Ultima Ratio Intervention" war sicherlich "RED SPOT", TET's Ode an modernste Waffentechnologie und ihre zielführende Benutzung. Der Track mit der unglaublichen, shuffelnden Bassline - klar, wovon die Rede ist.

Zu den Fans des Stücks gehört auch ein gewisser legendärer europäischer Elektronikmusiker - schon für "Ultima Ratio Intervention" mischte er ihn auf wegweisende Weise wieder ab. Allerdings reichte ihm das nicht - das Potential des Tracks erschien ihm unbegrenzt, und so schuf er einen weiteren Mix. Die Rede ist natürlich von Daniel B. von Front 242!

Als Neuerungen behafteter Musiker ging er die Sache diesmal anders an und bearbeitete "Red Spot" im Stil seines exzellenten, mittlerweile wiederbelebten Soloprojekts "Prothèse", welches schon vor Front 242 existierte und einige spätere Front-Hits hervorbrachte. Das Ergebnis dieser Bearbeitung ist eine hypnotische, düstere Exkusion in die Substanz des Tracks, aufgenommen mit Hilfe radikalst sweepender, uralter Analogsynths, die auch schon auf dem ersten Front-Album erklangen. Was konnte da jetzt eigentlich noch schiefgehen? Eben.

>> Bislang enthüllte Tracks auf "Cobra Coded Escalation" (CCE) >>

+ "Gegen An! (Arbeiter 2)"
+ "Synchronized" (Duett (!) mit Claus Kruse von Plastic Noise Experience)
+ "Red Spot" (Prothèse Remix by Daniel B. from Front 242)

Weitere, das ganze Ausmaß der Angelegenheit belegende Fakten folgen in kürze - das war nämlich immer noch nicht alles!

Weitere Infos über CCE weiter unten in den News!

2) Zwei TET-Shows in Hamburg - mit neuem Material!

Wie bereits oben erwähnt, haben TET - Travailleur En Trance zwei kleinere Liveshows anberaumt, um die Reaktion des tanzenden Volkes auf die neuen Tracks des kommenden Albums "Cobra Coded Escalation" zu testen! Sind die Sounds zu brutal, überlebt keiner bis zur Zugabe? Oder geht sogar noch mehr? TET sehen sich verpflichtet, auch weiterhin nur Durchschlagendstes abzuliefern und verschaffen sich hier Hinweise für die letzten Arbeiten am Album. Spielen werden sie natürlich den extrem energischen Neo-EBM der Alben URI und CCE, vielleicht aber sogar auch einige der Tracks aus dem ActionPop-Bereich...

Das erste der beiden Konzerte findet am 13. April im guten alten MOLOTOW auf der Reeperbahn zu Hamburg statt. TET werden gegen Mitternacht mit dem Anrühren ihres explosiven Cocktails beginnen, falls sie ihren Weg durch die Tiefgarage finden. Ein DJ wird ebenfalls erwartet...

Das zweite Event steht völlig unter der Kontrolle von TET und manoeuvre records und wird übertriebenerweise zudem von THUNDERBLAST präsentiert. Hier werden TET nicht nur live spielen, sondern zusätzlich auch noch als DJs die Decks besetzen! Denn die "Members Of D-Day DJ Squad" tritt wieder in Aktion! Dementsprechend zu erwarten steht eine ganze Nacht mit echter Electronic Body Music, mit zusätzlichem Nachschub von MAJOR RENÉ, dem Hamburger DJ-Veteranen, der den alten EBM kennt wie Taschen seines Markenzeichens, der schwarzen Weste! Man muß hin: 11. Mai in der luxuriösen ASTRA-STUBE unter der Sternbrücke (Max-Brauer-Allee 200) in Hamburg! TET starten PÜNKTLICH um 23:00!

[rotodrôme recordings]

Jaja, derzeit rastet jeder voll aus, wenn es um den Vertrieb digitaler Musik geht. Hype oder nicht - jedenfalls war es TET- oder rotorik-Freaks bislang schlechterdings nicht möglich, mehr als eine Handvoll von Tracks digital zu erstehen.

Dies wird sich nun ändern dank der Gründung von "rotodrôme recordings". Wie der Name schon überdeutlich sagt, wird dieses volldigitale Label Musik gewidmet sein, die im "rotodrôme" aufgenommen wurde, ergo Dateien aus dem Computer von CS (derzeit TET & rotorik). Dies schließt neben Wiederveröffentlichungen physischer Releases auch exklusive digitale ein!

Natürlich wird es von Anfang an ungeschützte Quellen ohne DRM geben, welche zur bevorzugten Nutzung ausdrücklich empfohlen werden. Direkte Links werden folgen, sobald das erste Release up ist.



+ TET live report / new video online


As announced, TET/Travailleur En Trance embarked on a special mission: Being hired by "Allesfliessst Soundsystem" they were to play in the basement of Hamburg's legendary "Rote Flora". Many were curious to find out if - after being spoiled at rather luxurious venues when supporting Front 242 etc. - TET could still prevail in true underground close combat. A dark packed basement with a totally oversized PA, illumination only by strobe lights, loads of fog, and a tiny, practically non-existent "stage" - TET sure "got a situation" there. What's more: Only 2 days before the gig, TET/RI was still in sick bay in Phnom Pen, hallucinating with yellow fever, and barely made it to the gig by chopper...

Could TET deal with all this? Of course. Under most difficult circumstances, they provided what is now known as "The RED GIG". Why? Not only because of the leftmost location, the "Rote (RED) Flora", or because of the world premiere of "Gegen An!", the sequel to last album's RED stomper"Arbeiter der Stirne/Der Faust" (which was instantly accepted, furiously). Also because audience excitement reached critical levels: Even after the total culmination in "Body Under Pressure", TET's classic encore, they still demanded more! TET instantly recognised the situation, took the necessary actions and satisfied the need by providing "RED Spot" for the second time that night.

A raw, dark video documenting the complete carnage (which includes an intro executed by CS/TET as "rotorik"!) is now available for free download in both high and low quality. In addition, TET decided to offer all tracks as separate files.

Head over to the "video" area!

This is also your first chance to hear a track from "Cobra Coded Escalation": "Gegen An! (Arbeiter 2)"


+ First TET collaborator unveiled

A short time ago we promised to keep you updated by revealing the "guestlist" of the upcoming new TET album "Cobra Coded Escalation" (man-cd02 -currently scheduled for release in May 2007 on manoeuvre records). The first guest to be unveiled might not come as a that big surprise, for fans know this man has been collaborating with TET/Travailleur En Trance before, both on stage and as a remixer on TET's first album, "Ultima Ratio Intervention". You know him - it's CLAUS KRUSE from PNE/Plastic Noise Experience!

He came over to join CS/TET in studio during the "Cobra Coded Escalation" sessions for a dancefloor dominating track called "Synchronized" - and that's really what they both were! It's a true body music duet (yes!) with both singers competing in achieving the most effectively agitating and nasty shouts...

Expect more news on this and many more new tracks very soon...

"Cobra Coded Escalation" tracks revealed so far:

+ "Gegen An! (Arbeiter 2)"
+ "Synchronized" (feat. Claus Kruse)





+ TET Livereport / Neues Video online


Wie bereits angedroht, nahmen sich TET/Travailleur En Trance kürzlich einer speziellen Mission an: Das "Allesfliessst Soundsystem" hatte sie für einen Gig im Keller der legendären "Roten Flora" angeheuert. Viele waren neugierig herauszufinden, ob TET denn wohl den Nahkampf im Untergrund noch draufhatten, nachdem sie etwa beim Supporten von Front 242 in geradezu luxuriösen Locations (mit greifbaren Technikern!) doch ziemlich verwöhnt worden waren. Ein düsterer, völlig vernebelter Keller, randvoll mit erwartungsvollen Tänzern, erhellt nur von Stroboblitzen, und eine Bühne, so winzig wie die PA überdimensioniert.. Dazu kam, daß TET/RI noch zwei Tage vor dem Gig halluzinierend in einem Lazarett in Phnom Pen lag und es nur knapp und per Helikopter überhaupt in die Flora schaffte...

Kamen TET trotzdem klar? Natürlich. Unter widrigsten Umständen lieferten sie eine Show ab, die von nun an als "The RED GIG" bekannt sein wird. Warum dies? Jedenfalls nicht nur wegen der ultralinken Location oder wegen der frenetisch aufgenommenen Weltpremiere von "Gegen An!", dem Nachfolger des roten Aufrührerhits vom letzten Album, "Arbeiter der Stirne/Der Faust". Auch erreichte die Begeisterung der Tänzer bald den roten Bereich: Selbst nachdem TET mit "Body Under Pressure" ihre klassische Zugabe gebracht hatten, die normalerweise eigentlich jeden Tänzer ausgelaugt zurückläßt, wollten sie mehr! TET erkannten sofort die Situation und ergriffen die richtigen Maßnahmen, indem sie "RED Spot" zum Zwecke der Verdeutlichung erneut spielten.

Ein rohes, düsteres Video, das einem Frontbericht gleicht und ein von CS/TET als rotorik bereitgestelltes Intro einschließt, ist nunmehr sowohl in hoher wie in niedriger Qualität zum freien Download verfügbar. Zusätzlich entschieden TET, in diesem Fall sämtliche TET-Tracks als Einzelclips anzubieten.

Also nix wie hin zum Bereich "video"!

Diese Videos bieten außerdem die erste Chance, einen Track von "Cobra Coded Escalation" zu hören: Eben "Gegen An! (Arbeiter 2)"


+ Erster TET-Kollaborateur enthüllt

Kürzlich sicherten wir zu, demnächst mehr über die "Gästeliste" des bevorstehenden neuen TET-Albums "Cobra Coded Escalation" (man-cd02) zu verraten. Der erste Gast mag für einige nicht so überraschend kommen, schließlich wissen TET-Kenner, daß er bereits früher mit TET zusammengearbeitet hat, sowohl auf der Bühne als auch als Remixer auf dem ersten Album "Ultima Ratio Intervention". You know him - es ist CLAUS KRUSE von PNE/Plastic Noise Experience!

Er kam kürzlich im Studio vorbei und nahm an den von CS/TET geleiteten Aufnahmesessions für "Cobra Coded Escalation" teil. Das Ergebnis: "Synchronized", ein Tanzflächenbeherrscher, wie er in keinem Diskurspop-Buch steht. Die beiden synchronisierten Schreihälse lieferten sich eine wahre Schlacht, die als "EBM-Duett" in ihrer Art einmalig ist: Sich gegenseitig aufstachelnd, wetteiferten sie um den fiesesten und aufrührerischsten Ausruf...

Mehr Informationen zu diesem und vielen weiteren neuen Stücken in Kürze hier-

Bislang enthüllte "Cobra Coded Escalation"-Tracks:

+ "Gegen An! (Arbeiter 2)"
+ "Synchronized" (feat. Claus Kruse)




earlier news:





+ New album announced for TET/Travailleur En Trance!

18 months ago this band stroke out of nowhere with "Ultima Ratio Intervention" (man-cd01), their first album, which yielded enthusiasm all over. Even genre leaders Front 242 invited to TET/Travailleur En Trance to support them live with their "Neo-EBM"! With two additional vinyl releases, they also menaced djs and clubs.

Many believed the daring and extremely driving mixture of classic Electronic Body Music and various equally powerful modern electronic styles on the first releases couldn't be surpassed. They will be proven wrong. For CS/TET (also "rotorik") has started recordings for a sequel. Those who were literally afraid to put in "Ultima Ratio Intervention" (because of the almost unbearable "nerve-tearing sequences" (press)) are bound for another shock in 2007...

The new album preliminarily titled "Cobra Coded Escalation" (man-cd02) is currently scheduled for release in May 2007 on manoeuvre records. As on the first album, various guests will contribute. More hard facts clarifying the scale of the escalation will be revealed soon!

Full background story:

For some time, a rumour of an unequaled menace have been circulating among intelligence agencies. It soon also became the most discussed topic with well-informed politicians and and their company executive golf partners. This crucial information has now been leaked to the wide public by an employee who felt he couldn't ethically cope with suppressing this any longer.

"The world has a right to know!" he said in an exclusive interview. "We all feared something like this would happen and it was probably only a matter of time. I hardly dare to speak it out, but I have to, because it's dreadfully true... Yes...

TET/Travailleur En Trance are about to strike back! Those rogues are preparing a new attack to be launched on our world in another vile attempt of shaking the base of what we believe in!"

Flashback: TET/Travailleur En Trance are an organisation that tried before to ruthlessly spread their dangerous "message" by means of audiovisual data stored on optical discs or made available through their website. It was spread through shady underground meeting places (known as "clubs") and made even more popular by a certain type of journalists who seem to have no conscience at all.

"What makes them so dangerous is that they appeal to intelligent but ideologically misled people", states German security expert U. Koehler. "By combining classic Red Scare tactics with mass-appealing melodies they practically implant their commands into peoples' heads. If they have indeed continued to improve their output and even perfected their manipulative skills..... Hm, I would call this a menace, yes, hm!"

The consequences of these recent developments cannot be estimated currently, we'll keep you informed...


+ New live assault scheduled for TET feat. rotorik!

On December 9th, TET/Travailleur En Trance will show up in the basement of Rote Flora, Hamburg/Germany around midnight. Their mission will be to perform a special show consisting of a rotorik intro (performed solo by CS), who is then joined by RI/TET, who will be slowly coming out of the fog for a full-scale TET strike... CS will then be switching over to mic and drumpads in order to let hell break loose.

Lots of fog? Yes! The event is organised by "Allesfliessst" (i.e. "everything flows" or "panta rhei" for pros), and insiders know that aside from the flow of electronic beats, thickest banks of fog are also their trademark.

TET central comittee also decided that the legendary occupied former theatre "Rote Flora" is the perfect place for the world premiere of the new track "Arbeiter II", which is the sequel of last album's leftist stomper "Arbeiter der Stirne/der Faust"!

+ CS launches webradio show!

As if all of this wouldn't already look like hyperactivity, CS/TET/rotorik recently also launched his own webradio show: "THUNDERBLAST", which he describes as "a collision of various styles in powerful electronic music".

CS/TET transmits it directly from his studio "The Rotodrôme". Usually starting off with good old classic EBM from his vast collection, he is known to often ignore orders soon and incite a clash of civilisations by suddenly bringing in various underground electronica, abstractly shuffled techno and even more. As an extra, CS/TET also digs live in his 5GB reservoir of amusing and illuminating trash movie and political samples - samples not yet used on TET releases are presented here for the first time as well as early versions of brandnew TET tracks.

Tune in! Weekly, Friday 23:00 > 00:00 CET on

THUNDERBLAST playlists will also appear on TET-ZENTRUM soon.




+ Neues TET/Travailleur En Trance-Album angekündigt!

Vor 18 Monaten schlug diese Band gleichsam aus dem Nichts heraus erstmals zu - das Debütalbum "Ultima Ratio Intervention" (man-cd01) erzeugte allerorten Erstaunen und heimste rundum enthusiatische Reviews ein. Selbst die Genre-Erfinder Front 242 forderten die "Neo-EBM"-Band als Liveunterstützung an! Mit zwei zusätzlichen Vinylreleases bedrohten TET/Travailleur En Trance darüberhinaus auch DJs und Clubs.

Viele glaubten, die auf den ersten Releases enthaltene ebenso gewagte wie treibende Mixtur aus klassischer Electronic Body Music und diversen ähnlich kraftvollen modernen Spielarten der elektronischen Musik könne nicht mehr übertroffen werden. Sie werden nun eines besseren belehrt werden, denn: CS/TET hat die Arbeiten an einer Fortsetzung begonnen. Denjenigen, die es schon kaum wagten, den Vorgänger "Ultima Ratio Intervention" einzulegen (wegen der "nervenzerfetzenden Sequenzen" - Presse), steht 2007 weiterer Schock bevor...

Das neue, vorläufig "Cobra Coded Escalation" (man-cd02) betitelte Album ist für Mai 2007 aus manoeuvre records terminiert. Wie schon beim Vorgänger werden darauf sich illustre Gäste die Fader und erstmals auch Mikros in die Hand geben. Das ganze Ausmaß der Eskalation wird in Kürze enthüllt!


Schon seit einiger Zeit kursierten unter Geheimdiensten Gerüchte um eine Bedrohung nie gekannten Ausmaßes. Schon bald wurde dies das meistdiskutierte Thema unter gutinformierten Politikern und Aufsichtsratsmitgliedern beim Golfspielen. Ein Angestellter, der ein Zurückhalten dieser kritischen Information nicht mehr länger mit seinem "Gewissen" vereinbahren konnte, informierte nun die Öffentlichkeit.

"Die Welt hat ein Recht darauf, es zu wissen!" sagte er in einem Exklusivinterview. "Wir befürchteten alle, daß so etwas passieren wurde, und es war wohl nur eine Frage der Zeit. Ich traue mich kaum, es auszusprechen, aber ich muß, denn es ist furchtbar wahr... Ja...

TET/Travailleur En Trance sind kurz davor, zurückzuschlagen! Diese Schurken bereiten einen neuen Angriff auf die Welt vor, ein neuer niederträchtiger Versuch, die Grundlagen all dessen zu erschüttern, an das wir glauben!"

Rückblende: TET/Travailleur En Trance versuchen nicht zum ersten Mal, Ihre "Message" auf rücksichtslose Weise zu verbreiten, und zwar durch audiovisuelle Daten, die sie sowohl auf optischen Datenträgern wie auf ihrer Website verbreiteten. Verbreitet wurde sie in zweifelhaften Treffpunkten des Untergrunds (sog. "Clubs") und noch populärer leider durch die Mithilfe gewissenloser Journalisten.

"Was sie so gefährlich macht, ist daß sie intelligente, aber ideologisch fehlgeführte Menschen ansprechen", befindet der Sicherheitsexperte U. Koehler. "Sie implantieren ihre Befehle gleichsam in die Köpfe der Menschen, indem sie klassische "Red-Scare"-Taktiken mit massentauglichen Melodien verbinden. Wenn sie das weiter verbessern haben und ihre manipulativen Fertigkeiten weiter perfektioniert haben... Hm, das würde ich eine Bedrohung nennen, ja, hm!"

Die Konsequenzen dieser jüngsten Entwicklungen können derzeit noch nicht abgeschätzt werden, wir halten Sie auf dem laufenden...


+ Liveangriff TET feat. rotorik!

Am 09.12.06 werden TET/Travailleur En Trance sich gegen Mitternacht im Keller der Roten Flora in Hamburg einfinden, um eine Spezialmission zu erfüllen: Beginnend mit einer von CS als rotorik solo dargebotenen Intro wird sich die ganze Sache sehr bald in eine ordnungsgemäße TET-Show verwandeln. Denn sobald RI/TET trotz Sonnenbrille den Weg durch den Nebel gefunden hat und die Maschinen übernimmt, wird CS zu Mikro und Drumpads hechten, um das wie erwartet komplette Inferno auszulösen. Keiner von Ihnen läßt im Winterkampf locker!

Der zu erwartende Nebel ist übrigens auch dem Image des Veranstalters geschuldet: "Allesfliessst" zeichnen für die Ausführung verantwortlich und erzeugen auf Ihren Events traditionell dichteste Nebelbänke.

Das ZK der TET beschloß außerdem die Welturaufführung des neuen Stückes "Arbeiter II" an diesem Abend in der Roten Flora - welcher Ort erschiene besser geeignet für den Nachfolger des des Aufrührerhits "Arbeiter der Stirne/der Faust" vom letzten TET-Album? Informieren Sie sofort sämtliche verantwortlichen Genossen!


+ CS auch noch mit Webradiosendung...

Als ob all dies noch nicht genug Aktivitäten wären, startete CS/TET/rotorik unlängst auch noch eine eigene Webradio-Sendung mit dem vielversprechenden Namen "THUNDERBLAST". In dieser will er "eine Kollision diverser kraftvoller Stile elektronischer Musik" riskieren.

CS/TET sendet dazu direkt aus seinem Studio "The Rotodrôme". Normalerweise mit guten alten Klassikern der EBM beginnend, ignoriert er bald regelmäßig alle Befehle hinsichtlich erlaubter Stilrichtungen und provoziert eine Art "clash of civilizations", indem er plötzlich auch diverse Arten von Elektronika, abstrakt shuffelnden Techno oder gar noch Verwegeneres bringt.

Zusätzlich gräbt er parallel permanent in seinem 5GB-Reservoir an Samples und fügt daraus Actionfilm-Sprachfetzen ebenso wie politisch erhellende Aussagen ein. Noch nicht bei TET/Travailleur En Trance oder rotorik benutzte Samples sind hier ebenso erstmals zu hören wie nagelneue Stücke der genannten Projekte.

Also einschalten: Jeden Freitag, 23:00 > 00:00 auf

THUNDERBLAST-Playlisten erscheinen demnächst auch im TET-ZENTRUM zur Nachbereitung.


+ Free MP3s are usually a "thanks to the fans", so as a big thanks to everybody who supported TET - Travailleur En Trance in their mission so far, two free full-length MP3s have been uploaded!

Get to the "audio" section now and download:

"The Vortex" - an unreleased track from "Ultima Ratio Intervention" recording sessions
"Sector Champion" - a vinyl only track from sold-out Acido 002 EP, performed by "rotorik vs. TET"

Enjoy - these links might not last forever!


+ Yet another TET interview is online! It was recently conducted by Germany's Godfather of Goth, Ecki Stieg, for his site Risking his neck as usual, CS even ventures into criticising other "current EBM" bands even more harshly than usual - this certainly provides for excellent gossip stuff... ;-) More interviews can be found in the "reaction" section.


+ TET's famous debut CD "Ultima Ratio Intervention" has now also been licensed to for MP3 distribution. This way you can get the whole album or separate tracks. Of course you can also still order some remaining copies of the album uncompressed on CD from manoeuvre records!


+ You are already well-informed you about TET's very special show at Front 242's 25-year-celebration in March, and watched the video available for free download at least a dozen times. But you probably didn't know that another EBM legend was present incognito among the audience: Tommi Stumpff! Insiders are aware of the fact that he (and not DAF) was always the most daring EBM act from Dsseldorf. And just like the Belgian hosts he actually came to see perform, he was convinced by the style and power of TET! Stumpff- who recorded his first releases with legendary Conny Plank back in 1982 - was so excited he even took the time to write a little review. You can now find it in the "reaction" section! The enthusiasm is definitely quite remarkable for a grumpy old cynic like him... ;-)




+ TET - Travailleur En Trance successfully completed their mission at "Two Nights with Front 242" at the Ancienne Belgique in the heart of Brussels/Belgium. As already known, the inventors of Electronic Body Music themselves had commanded TET to reinforce the line-up at this unique double event which celebrated Front 242's 25th year of existence. You wouldn't have believed this when you saw them on stage though.

Two incredible shows on two sold-out nights with 2000 guests each day. Many old-school EBM fans nearly fainted when classics such as "Circling Overland", "Take One!", "Until Death", "Operating Tracks", "Rhythm Of Time", "Kampfbereit" or "Tragedy For You" were played again for the first time in many, many years. Being true to their pioneer image, Front 242 not just re-used old live DATs - instead every track was reconstructed, re-recorded with the old synthesizers an enriched with extra sounds to form a new unity, modernised, yet very close to the old spirit. Also the newer tracks from more recent releases blended in really perfectly - probably the best live sound available from an electronic band today. One can only hope to see this incredible new show all over Europe soon!

Incited by this aura of power and also supported by the professional crew of the venue, TET - Travailleur En Trance delivered a show that was probably their best one ever. Highlights from their debut album "Ultima Ratio Intervention" such as "Red Spot", "Soviet Machine Fighter", "To Force It" or "Could I Scan You" were played along with vinyl-only smasher "Endure To Cure" or the most famous unreleased track "Body Under Pressure"! The Front audience seemed to be very satisfied...

The fact that TET were not just the only German but especially the only other EBM-Band invited to this event meant of course a lot - the "Neo-EBM" created by TET really is a unique type of evolution of Electronic Body Music and gains recognition even from a band that is part of the history of electronic music.

For those who couldn't be there, TET mission video footage from Brussels is now available for download in the video section!


In case you're into weird things, you might also want to check out more video footage from an obscure warmup gig 2 weeks before the storm in Brussels. On the occasion of a rotorik show in the cosy town of Lüneburg, CS performed 4 TET tracks in solo setup in front of a descending jungle sun... The clip features excerpts from both rotorik and TET parts of the show and is also available for free download here in the video section!



+ TET's Belgian live debut took place at "E-Fest" festival in Geel (near Antwerp). From this 1st TET show on Belgian soil a high quality video is now available for free in the video section! Unlike with previous clips, the audio is fed from the mixer recording this time and resolution is full PAL, resulting in better quality than all live clips before. The video has a total running time of 20 mins and shows the highlights from all tracks played including an unreleased track as encore. Don't miss these 400MB of energy! Watch out for the movies shown on the wall, certain key scenes agitating the audience and multiplying the effect...


+ Known as worshippers of the true Belgian EBM, TET - Travailleur En Trance are especially proud to announce their first gig ever in Belgium! The show will take place on November 5th, 2005 at "Jeugdcentrum De Bogaard" in Geel/Belgium. This event called "E-Fest" (formerly well-known as "The Event") is a must for everyone since the bend TET will be sharing the stage with no-one else than "Insekt"!


+ TET took Berlin first during their show at Berlin's Werk9 ("Bodybeats"). TET started off with a show in the usual blasting manner, but no-one in the crowded venue had expected the unique surprise assault TET had prepared for this evening... Hamburgian comrade Claus Kruse from PNE (Plastic Noise Experience) suddenly entered the stage to perform the 1991 PNE-classic "Schachtende" in a cover version created by long-time Schachtende-fan CS! supported by CS on E-Drums and RI on machinery, Kruse gave it all during this brutal joint operation! videos documenting this memorable moment and some more TET live tracks are now up in the video section! images to follow soon!


+ more new videos have been added: 3 files from the latest show at Golden Pudel Klub, Hamburg, and 3 clips from dusty video tapes showing early TET shows between 1993 and 1994... enjoy!


+ first live presentation of "Ultima Ratio Intervention" took place on May 8th, 2005 TET shook the Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg at "Kampfgruppenbeschallung V2.0" - video clips from the gig are now up in the video section!




release news:



"Woaw!" ("Side-Line", Belgium) (07/05)

"Energetic, direct, danceable to the bone - bulky, uncomfortable and furious" ("Raveline", Germany) (06/05)

"A refreshingly raw EBM thunderstorm, totally without compromise" ("Orkus", Germany) (07/05)

"Very strong EBM stuff!" ("D-Side", France) (07/05)

"This thing is absolutely awesome! - Extremely aggressive and driving synthesis - Penetration force of steel-jacketed bullets" ("Black Magazin", Germany) (Issue 50)

"Absolute corporeality - Nerve-tearing noises and maximum severity" ("Raveline", Germany) (07/05)

German magazine "Sonic Seducer" even ventured into heresy by virtually suggesting TET - Travailleur En Trance were "today's better Front 242" because of "Ultima Ratio Intervention" - although rather flattering, this statement obviously goes too far.

released on may 1st 2005

featuring remixes by Daniel B. Prothese (Front 242), Dave Tarrida (Tresor/Sativae/Mosquito), Eric van Wonterghem (Insekt, Sonar, Monolith), Mark Hawkins (Crime Productions/Djax-Up/Mosquito) and Claus Kruse (PNE - Plastic Noise Experience)

the 15-track 75+min-cd is NOW available in a special dvd case
from the label's website: manoeuvre records !

check the audio section for mp3 previews from all tracks!


+ 12" split vinyl rotorik/TET :

"Phantom Commando E.P."


on Mutter Tonträger 021 - final copies now available at

manoeuvre records online shop!

official release via Neuton distribution

the work features two brandnew rotorik tracks on A

and two TET tracks on B:

"(Could) I Scan You 2005 (Bodyfunk Version)" and "Endure To Cure 2005" !

audio previews and a lo-fi video clip can be found in the audio/video sections!


+ "TET vs. rotorik" : "Sektor Champion" is an unusual track featured on Acido 002 (vinyl 12"), available formerly Neuton distribution, now distributed by Hardwax Berlin! check audio section for preview mp3!


bis demnächst!